30 iunie 2011

Ashamed to call some people 'Photographers'

Dear readers, today I wish to tell you about model release. As you may know, it's a contract where the model freely gives the photographer all rights of the photo to do with it as it wishes, to edit, reedit, post, repost, or also use it for commercial uses or sell. If the model release wasn't signed, the photographer can't use any of the photos since it's using the models image without permission.

I had many photo session without signing a model release. I put it like that: the photographer can use my image for his own promotion and expositions, personal publications in magazines, but not to sell my image on different sites that have nothing to do art and claim all rights of the photo including my image.

Once a friend told me about some photographer who needs models and asked me if I am interested. I said why not and met that certain someone. We met on 1 march last year and talked about a future collaboration. I told her ok and she asked me if I charge. I charged her for money, but since she was recommended by a friend I didn't charged her much. At the photo session her husband took 90% of the photos, but she took more than 60% of the photos and claimed that she made them. I said ok, whatever, their problem. But she used my image without my permission on sited I will never agree and have nothing to do with photography or art. The main reason for the photo session was for the own portfolio and nothing more than that.

After another conflict where she verbally abuses me and threatens me, now she is telling me to stop use my own image and that I should have paid her for the photos that she didn't even made. Also claims that I begged her for a photo session. Seriously, If i would do that, I would go to a better photographer, experienced, and very talented.

I posted the proof that she isn't in fact the photographer that she claims to be. I didn't sign any model release that says I am ok with the photographer selling/donating my image to anybody else, not even if it's your own wife, mother or child. I don't care and I don't approve. Also I don't approve with people to sell my image. I don't care if the photographer credits me or not. No Model Release, NO DEAL!

Now she claims to have all rights of my image and the photos that aren't even made by her, but that's not my problem if her husband approves. It shows what of a "photographer" she really is. She also claims that it was "charity photo session", that I am using the photos illegal and that I haven't paid for it. Since when a photographer comes knocking on the door and says "Hello, I am X, I am a photographer, I want to collaborate with you, but you must pay me"?? And yes it was a charity photo session - I should have charged her as for a normal photo session, and not so cheap. But seriously, where is the pride of a photographer when it dares to use someone else's work? Where is the satisfaction and the joy of your own work? I can't understand that!

In quality of a model and photographer, from my point of view, if a model release hasn't been signed, the rights split in half to the model and photographer, but only if the photos are used for the personal portfolio and not more than that. I use only 3 electronic portfolios for my works: 1. deviantART 2. Facebook 3. my personal site. I don't like to play games, I don't use someone else's image for my own promotion, and I NEVER used my husbands works. We are a team, but that doesn't mean I can use his talent and creativity for my own - that is stealing!

Am facut aceasta postare in engleza deoarece am postat-o si pe alte site-uri personale si nu ma adresez numai romanilor.

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  1. I already read this post on dA.. She has been very unprofessional and irresponsible not to give you a model release to sign after the photo session. From what I understand there are two people involved? Either way you should sue them both.
    I see you as a professional model and you should never work with noobs again - a friendly advice.

  2. I know and I learned my lesson: Always treat someone who you collaborate with as a client and not give special treatment just because we have a common friend.

    Thank you for the feedbacks. Until we meet again, my friend...